Who We Support

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Who we support

The programmes are fully funded and available to anyone aged 18yrs or over who’s been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma and is struggling to find a new way forward in life.

Each application is treated on an individual basis so please get in touch to find out more.

Participants must be independently mobile, self-reliant and self-medicating.

The people we support include:


Members of the Police, Fire and Ambulance services


Individuals going through abuse or bullying


People with acquired disability

Armed Forces

Members of the Armed forces, including veterans


Survivors of terrorism or crime


Members of the NHS


People with PTSD

Cancer survivor

Cancer Survivors


Those facing acquired vision or hearing impairments


Individuals who’ve suffered renal failure or other life changing illnesses including Meningitis and Sepsis

We don’t work with people who’ve had conditions from birth, young offenders or drug and alcohol addiction, however each application is treated on an individual basis so please get in touch to find out more.

Participants must be independently mobile, self-reliant and self-medicating.

Blue Lamp Foundation
Child Bereavement UK
English Institute of Sport
Lanyon Bowdlers Solicitors
Mengitis Now
The Ambulance Staff Charity
Teenage Cancer Trust
The Firefighters Charity
The Police Treatment Centre
The UK Sephis Trust
Victim Support


How is it funded?

All places are fully funded, all we ask is that participants can get themselves to the venue at the start of a programme and home again at the end. We do a pick up from the local station for anyone coming by train.

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My trip with Climbing Out was absolutely brilliant. We were all pushed out of our comfort zones and achieved things we never thought we could. I gained confidence in myself that I didn't know I had, confidence to keep going and not give up. Seeing everyone come out of their shells and grow bolder as the week went on gave me such a good feeling, and I went home happy, exhausted, and desperately proud of everyone I was with.



I always used to do a lot of  hill walking, but since having cancer I thought my body had gone to waste – what I’ve realised this week is that my body is still the same as it was before the cancer and I can still do the things I used to do.



This week has changed my life, it has made me realise that I can do so much more than I thought I could.....from now on I’m going to start saying yes to life and I’m going to pursuit my dreams and enjoy life.



Before coming I was socially awkward and struggled making good friends. Since meeting the Climbing Out crew, I've met great new people who understand what we're all going through. I'm now more confident in myself and believe I can do more



When I heard about Climbing Out and was offered a place on the programme I was really interested in having a go at the outdoor activities but what I got out of it was so much more, it changed my life. Climbing Out showed me that some of the toughest obstacles people can face are just that, obstacles to be overcome and left behind.



I am a 29 year old man who received a traumatic brain injury and was finding it hard to meet people with similar characteristics that would understand how I feel. Going to Climbing Out has opened my eyes to the fact that I am not alone in feeling like this and that I am able to do activities that I didn’t think I could.

Climbing Out opens people’s minds and shows them that they are not alone...

Mark White


Before Climbing Out I spent most of my time indoors, I had low confidence, and next to no motivation. 
I decided to come on this trip to rekindle my love for outdoor sports. Having been here for a few days, I realise I have gained so much more than a new appreciation for the outdoors!
I have met some amazing people, who, having been through the same experiences as me, will be life long friends. I have also built up my confidence and I'm more willing to try new things and push my limits.
I can now leave here with a new way of thinking and a new approach to life

Lucy Harris


I just want to say thank you again for climbing out, I feel like a gazillion times better than I have for almost a year now! I didn't imagine I'd feel this well for a while and it's really helped just being surrounded by people that understand. Since coming back I've been running, I've taken some surfing lessons I've got a paddle boarding lesson today and kayaking tomorrow. This is all stuff I wouldn't have even thought to do before! So thanks for taking me with you, it's made a phenomenal difference in my life, I'm really shocked



By the end of the week I felt like the person I wanted to be. I’m now ready to go home and face whatever life has to throw at me.

Katie Oakes