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The Climbing Out Club is open to anyone who’s taken part in a 5-day programme and aims to offer long-term support, friendship and development as well as providing the opportunity for the ‘next step’ in their Climbing Out journey. The club organises a number of weekends a year, as well as social, fundraising and training events.

The club offers training opportunities, expeditions and volunteering opportunities, including the chance to apply for a place on our Expedition Programmes. These programmes aim to develop the level of challenge, autonomy and responsibility for those taking part.

We currently looking into a further Expedition Programme to tackle the Italian Haute route in the Alps.

We’ve also supported several of our past participants to become ambassadors for Climbing Out.

"I now feel part of the incredibly supportive family that is Climbing Out. The 5 day programme is just the start!"

Opportunities with the COC

Follow up Programmes

Members of the Climbing Out Club are offered the opportunity to apply for a place on our Expedition Programmes. The aim of these programmes is to enable participants to continue in their journey, developing more confidence, skills and autonomy.

In these programmes the challenge and responsibility are handed over to participants, with programmes including a walking and climbing programme in Scotland,walking the full length of Hadrian’s Wall, and a wilderness canoeing expedition.

"Climbing Out has helped me believe I can do anything I set my sights on. Now with the continuing support of the Climbing Out Club I’ll always have a family to help me achieve anything."

Opportunities with the COC
Training and Development


Training and Development

Our aim is to create an environment where participants can continue to learn, develop and grow, so we offer a number of opportunities to gain skills, training and qualifications. To date we have supported participants with the opportunity to complete first aid and navigation courses, as well as providing bursaries to support individuals' various qualifications in areas such as counselling, life coaching and mental health.

Lifeline The Climbing Out Band


The Climbing Out Song

During lockdown, some of our participants decided to get together virtually and write a Climbing out song. Annabelle, Beth, Laura and Becky were the driving force behind the song and several other members contributed to the lyrics, writing a few lines each to explain their experience with Climbing Out.

The result was something special, and it ended up being far more than just a song, as the words of Beth show below…

“On the 22nd May 2017, I was unfortunately at the Ariana Grande concert when the terrorist attack happened. Since that day, I was so lost, alone and scared to even leave my bed, never mind stepping out of the front door.

"Early 2019, I found out about the charity Climbing Out. From this day, my life changed, for the good. I took the first step and I asked for help, even though this was really difficult for me. Just after the second anniversary of the attack, the 5 day the outdoor programme began. I left my house that day, alone, I arrived back with a new outlook on life, a new happiness I never knew was inside me and most importantly, a new family.

"When lockdown began, I felt like I went right back in time to when the attack happened, trapped, scared and alone. Kelda came up with the idea, to write a song, and that’s exactly what we did!

"This song means so much to me and describes the Climbing Out experience to a T. It would mean so much to me if I could get the song out there so more young people can find out about the charity, so they can change their lives for the better.

Climbing Out Song 1
Climbing Out Song 2

"The programme does not finish after five days, that is just the start. I’ve created the best bond with the most amazing people. Something that will last forever. It saved my life. I may have survived the bombing, but without Climbing Out, I do not think I would have been able to survive the aftermath. I owe them my life.

"This is really out of my comfort zone, but Kelda has taught me, it is always worth the jump.”

And here’s the result of their hard work. A massive well done to all involved!

The Climbing Out Participants Song – Lifeline!


Every other year Climbing Out runs the Climbing Out Awards, recognising the outstanding achievements of our participants. Awards include Fundraiser of the Year, Outstanding Contribution, Future Potential and Special Recognition.

We also nominate individuals for other awards and accolades so far include Chelsey Dixon winning at the Children of Courage Awards.

"2 years ago I struggled with a flight of stairs, now thanks to the Climbing Out Club I'm going to climb Snowdon!"



Club members also get the opportunity to take part in fundraising events, either organising their own fundraising challenges or taking part in events arranged by Climbing Out.

Every year we run a fundraising hike which is always well supported by our participants. The annual hike has included climbing Snowden, the highest peak in Wales, and completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

Participants have also completed challenges including climbing the O2 building, sky diving, completing Tough Mudders, marathons and organising coffee mornings.

Fundraise for Climbing Out