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Climbing Out is having a huge impact on the lives of people facing a life changing injury, illness or trauma. The following video shows one participant's story and how taking part in a Climbing Out programme changed their lives.

Changing Lives

How the programmes are changing lives

The programmes are life changing, providing a springboard to help people to start living life again post injury, illness or trauma. The programmes have given participants the confidence to go to university, change careers, go travelling, enter into relationships, but most importantly, they have had the confidence to be the person they want to be.

“I may have survived the bombing, but without Climbing Out, I do not think I would have been able to survive the aftermath. I owe them my life.”

Our Impact

Stories from Previous Participants

Finlay’s Story

Finlay's Story

Phoebe's story

Phoebe's story

Beth's story

Beth's story
Research 1


In 2015, Matthew Slavin, a research student from the University of Glasgow chose to write the thesis for his MSc in Psychology on the Psychosocial impact of an Adventure Programme on Young Survivors of Cancer, basing his research on the Climbing Out programmes.

Matthew conducted a number of interviews with participants who had taken part in one of our programmes over the last 3 years and examined the long-term impact of attending a programme.

His findings provide us with formal evidence as to exactly why the programmes are having such an incredible impact.

"It would appear that involvement in Climbing Out helps not only to foster adjustment and recovery following  a major chronic illness but actually precipitates post traumatic growth."

"Participants state a greater sense of personal strength, better relationships with others, renewed confidence and a greater appreciation of life that surpasses pre-trauma levels."

"Interactions with peers who had been through similar experiences provided what appeared to be a safe place for reflection, the opportunity to push themselves in an environment of encouragement, to feel part of something greater than themselves, and to make connections with others that may grow in friendship."

Matthew Slavin has since conducted a further study looking at the long-term impact of the Climbing Out programmes and has presented his findings all over the world.

Summary of Findings  View Full Thesis

Shrewsbury University

New partnership with Shrewsbury University 

Climbing Out has teamed up with the Applied Psychology Group at University Centre Shrewsbury (a campus of the University of Chester) to conduct a long-term study into the impact of the Climbing Out programmes.  

The study will aim to understand how individuals experience and deal with trauma over time. Specifically, it will be studying whether or not various interventions aimed to support post-traumatic growth are successful and if so, which areas they are the most effective to.  

The research will be conducted at the start and end of each programme, with participants followed up 3 months and 6 months after their time with us. The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding about the extent that the Climbing Out programmes are impacting on the lives of our participants.

Case Studies