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Transforming Mindsets in the Peak District
21 Aug 2023

This month we spent a week in the Peak District with a group facing higher physical limitations.

You couldn’t meet a more incredible and inspiring bunch of people! They were up for challenging themselves physically and mentally, and there were some amazing outcomes.

Here are some words from the participants following the programme, with some photos from the trip – rounded off with an amazing poem!

“I arrived nervous and unsure this week was for me… I’m leaving feeling happy, excited and positive for the future days, weeks, months… and years!” Hannah

 Abseil Abseiling

“The skills I have learnt and ways to manage my anxiety around my illness will mean that I have a better quality of life... Meeting people who’ve also experienced trauma has been so helpful. Learning from them and being inspired by them has been amazing and I don’t feel as alone… I feel part of a family” Rhian


“I had a traumatic lower leg injury and was left anxious and depressed. I arrived with no confidence and in a place where I couldn’t see a way forward. In 5 days I am a different person with a new path going forward. I’m going to use the resources to create a better me – a bionic me!” Helly


“Thank you so much for giving me my life and future back. I feel proud, CAPABLE and free. I will use all of the tools we’ve learnt about throughout every day for the rest of my new life!” Ann

Hill walk 

“I was completely lost prior to attending. I had no focus in life, no purpose, no meaning. This week has been a complete revelation… I can now see a way forward with clarity and purpose. For the first time in ages, I look to the future with hope, optimism and positivity and actually have plans for the future” Damien

 Camp fire 

“I finally feel like I fit in somewhere. I’ll now have the support I need from this new Climbing Out family” Helly

 Mental resilience coaching

“Climbing Out has not only given me the tools to find my own peace but provided a safe space to create lasting links of support for my life ahead” John

Top of the hill 

“It’s almost impossible to articulate what these 5 days have done for me and the incredible positive impact. I felt completely lost, with no desire for fulfilment and absolutely no idea where to start or how to change my mindset. The Climbing Out ethos has literally saved my life.”

 Smiles all round

“I’m leaving on Friday with a completely different mindset, a zest for life, and most importantly – I’ve seen glimpses of my positive self back again. Knowing the tools of how to move forward, how to change my focus and how to start living again makes me feel like some of the dark clouds have been lifted and I can start to see the sun shining through again.”

 Kelda coaching session 

“How do you thank someone for saving your life? Because of Climbing Out my baby boy will now get to grow up with a positive, engaged Mum who’s genuinely excited for life. From the bottom of my healing heart, thank you” Amy


“I can’t put into words how life-changing this week has been. I came here with low self-esteem and feeling like I had no sense of identity. I’m leaving feeling free, empowered and with a sense of the person I want to be” Claire

 team building games

“This week has been hard. It’s like someone has held a mirror up to me and there’s been occasions where I didn’t like what I could see. However, the tools we’ve learnt this week have made me realise I’m the only one who can change that. This really does feel like the first step in my journey. I’m not going to let this be the end… I’m going to use this week to start changing things in my life” Harry


 “I’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough this week and I know that it has unequivocally changed my life for the better… I’m leaving with clear goals and expectations about what life will look like and what I need to do to get there” Claire



And here is the brilliant poem we promised...

Climbing Out by Harry Wyld
I thought it was over
I thought I was done
The darkness had engulfed me
It had won
Till someone told me, I still have a choice
That the voices I was listening to
Were formed when the world was a scary place
They tried to protect me
In the way that they thought best
To always look for danger
To keep me safe
So I was scared to try
In case I failed or fell
I built walls around me
Let no one in
Till my world was so small
I forgot to live
I walked a path for so long
It became the natural way
Until someone showed me there are other paths to take
Even if the grass is long
And it's hard work to walk at first
Each day we make the path clearer
We show up
We try hard
Without darkness, we do not have light
We cannot ignore what's happened
But we can choose what fires we ignite
We can chase destruction
Or we can choose to mend
It doesn't mean we ignore what's going on, paint on a fake smile or bottle it up
Instead we acknowledge the difficult things
Be grateful for what we've got
Choose to place our energy on all the things we want
I wish I could go back in time
To stop what happened
If I only could
But that's just chasing something that doesn't exist
If I focus on yesterday, today gets lost
What I'm putting in the search bar
Gets reinforced
Instead I'm going to change my search
Put in new information
It might be small, it might take time
But I'm prepared to work and wait for my transformation
So whatever hole, we find ourselves in
We have the steps to climb out
And find ourselves again