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Rob’s Experience of Climbing Out – Just What the Doctor Ordered
07 Dec 2021

Rob attended our last programme of the year in the Peak District. He’s kindly shared some words reflecting on his experience. It’s a fantastic insight in to how our programmes make you feel and how they can change lives!

“The course that I was on was made up of mainly veterans and NHS workers. All of us were from different backgrounds, but we all had a common bond - that at some point something had happened to us that had broken our lives.

Despite the apprehensions at the start of the course, very soon we all settled down.  One thing I did note is all of us were dwelling on the past, so often conversations started with, ‘When I had my breakdown’, or ‘Before my accident’.

It was evident that we were not looking forward and had fallen into the subtle trap of becoming the victim. This is something the course helped us focus on.

Each day on the course Kelda and the other instructors started the day with a snippet of knowledge for us to consider. Such as understanding the negative thoughts that so often go through our heads and how to turn them around.

We focussed on working out what we can control, what is in our influence and what we can do little about.  We came to the realisation that the only people that can get you to where you want to be, is you, and the most powerful learning days can be the worst days you experience. 

Mix this with some outward-bound activities, such as abseiling, and suddenly you have a heady mix that can be more powerful that any medication a GP can prescribe.

One thing that sits at the root of people that have suffered trauma is something that many people overlook, unless they too have been through a similar experience.  It is the amazing amount of resilience involved… Be that getting out of a hospital bed to learn to walk again, or breaking a cycle that could lead to a crippling depressive state, or just getting out of bed to go to work to face the world with a silence of what you have been through, masked with a smile. 

What Climbing Out does is give you a belief in how far you have come and a faith in how far you can go. It helps you realise that you need roots to grow and wings to fly. It is about the true meaning of post traumatic growth and there is no better example of that than Kelda and what she has been through, and that forms the foundations of Climbing Out. 

The course is emotional. When you break down the barriers of the facade you have stood behind for so many years and face a reality of what you need to do, it will be hard, it will produce tears, it will get you upset. But with the guidance of the Climbing Out team you can get past these difficulties. 

I left the course changed - I left the course knowing I had work to do, but most importantly I left the course knowing I can live my life the best I can. 

It’s that reset and focus that I sometimes need.  Without it I would be lost, or in a far worse place.“