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And our fundraisers have been out there smashing it too!!
19 Aug 2017
by Climbing Out

Our fundraisers have been out there smashing it too!! Rob Coterill lost his arm as a result of an injury, but last week he was out raising money for Climbing Out aiming to climb over 100ft. What an incredible effort from an incredible man. Thank you Rob.

This is what Rob had to say about his massive achievement…..
“The climbs were absolutely great. I challenged several other climbers to my challenge with only one accepting.
Each climb was more difficult than the one before as I wanted it to be. On my 3rd climb I managed to climb an overhang section that some climbers there are unable to do with two arms. My 4th climb was blindfolded and was the most difficult as I’d not practised it at all.

I’m going to continue with my climbing as mentally and physically it’s fantastic, but also because I can encourage other people to at least try something they may have thought was not possible. To try is to succeed, are words I find myself repeating and it’s absolutely right.”

Well done Rob, everyone at Climbing Out is sooooo proud of you!