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Our first programme of 2021
11 Jun 2021

It was brilliant to kick off our first 2021 5 day outdoor programme last week! We really felt like we came back with a bang after all the challenges of Covid over the last year or so.

Our first ever programme in Shropshire went really well. We saw the participants grow in confidence, develop friendships, laugh, cry, stretch boundaries and most importantly, have fun! They are an incredible group of people.

We challenged the group to abseil down cliffs, climb hills, canoe down the River Severn and it was tough for them at times. But that’s part of what creates the magic and really enables those involved to grow, believe in themselves and move forwards in life - and they did a brilliant job!

We would like to say a very big thank you to our funders that have made this programme happen. We are so grateful for your support, this programme will make a huge difference to the lives of the participants, so we cannot say thank you enough!
Thank you to St James Place, The Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust, The P and FW Family Charitable Trust, Victim Support and The Walker Trust.

Here's what some of the participants had to say about their experience with Climbing Out:

“Climbing Out has given us time to heal and learn how to live, not just survive… my confidence has grown and I’ve learned strategies to cope. Previously life was bleak and now it’s shining bright!” Kirsty

“This programme is one unique journey that can offer more in a week than other services can do over a longer time” 

“I feel so much more confident leaving here now, rebuilt into a bit more of the person I was before cancer” Kerri 

“Climbing Out has helped me find my purpose in life. Before coming here I was lost and drawing in my own head: now I feel free and inspired to push myself and develop” 

“I feel genuinely hopeful for the future for the first time since my traumatic experience… being pushed out of my comfort zone alongside people that are struggling like me has made me feel like I’m actually living rather than surviving” Aimee