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New Podcasts!
26 May 2021
by Climbing Out

Our founder - Kelda Wood and Rachel Day from Flying School have had a busy few weeks of podcast recordings.

So now we are excited to announce not one, but TWO new podcast series to add to your listen list!

Series 3 of Real Life Motivation has launched!

Kelda and Rachel are back for a third series of their podcast which raises awareness of different issues that many of us face and it provides some useful tools for building mental resilience.

Series 3 will feature some brand-new relatable topics. The first episode looks at motivation after a diagnosis. There will also be an episode on grief, belonging and lots more - to be revealed!

Life after a diagnosis is a subject that just doesn't get talked about, yet affects millions of people, so we hope lots of people find it useful.

We'd love for you to take a listen, subscribe, and recommend to all your friends! We hope the podcast helps you gain a new insight in to these issues, and you pick up some great tips for building resilience.

Find 'Real Life Motivation' wherever you get your podcasts or follow the link here.

Sister Podcast!

We’d also like to introduce our sister podcast for Creating Momentum!

Our sister podcast will see Kelda and Rachel chat directly to some amazing people to show how finding solutions to life's hurdles can help you achieve some pretty amazing stuff.

We hope by hearing these stories first hand and understanding the journey people have gone on to reach their goals against all the odds, is an inspiring and motivational listen, with lots of feel-good factor.

This is a really exciting development for our Creating Momentum platform. We think it will be a great way to share some inspirational stories. The series kicks off with Kelda discussing her triathlon journey.

Prepare to be inspired and motivated to reach for the stars!

Creating Momentum is available on all podcast platforms or follow the link here.