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Kelda becomes an Ambassador for BRIT!
23 Jun 2021
by Climbing Out

Kelda has come on board as an Ambassador with BRIT (The British Inspiration Trust). Their vision to improve the mental health and fitness of young adults aligns beautifully with our work here at Climbing Out.

Each year the BRIT Challenge encourages students from universities and colleges across the UK to take part in an inclusive fundraising event to raise funds for mental health charities.The emphasis is on inclusivity – it doesn’t matter who you are or what your physical strength is, they want to empower you to make a positive change and encourage health and fitness in young adults.

Kelda said, “We are extremely proud of the special relationship that is being forged between Climbing Out and BRIT. Both charities are delighted to be supporting each other’s vital work.

“Our vision is to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and motivation for people facing life-changing injury, illness or trauma. BRIT understands what we are striving to achieve and through our special relationship and proactive collaboration, we are thrilled that they will promote and champion Climbing Out so that students and young adults, at university or college, who have acquired disabilities, are going through abuse or bullying, are cancer survivors or suffering with PTSD, are aware of the opportunity to attend our programmes.”

Kelda will be encouraging students and staff from WCG, University of Chester, University of Lincoln and the University Centre Shrewsbury to enter teams in the BRIT 2022 Challenge. Those taking part will be raising money for their chosen mental health charity and for BRIT to support their work. The 2022 challenge kicks off in February.

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