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Julie’s Experience of Climbing Out
26 Oct 2021

Julie attended our programme in the Peak District in early August. 

We were so chuffed to hear how she’s been feeling since the programme, we wanted to share her brilliant words…


“Your programme has turned my life around.  It has given me purpose and made me get on with things I would have chosen not to do, such as being social again.

Everyone who knows me cannot believe the transformation they see since I did the 5-day course in Matlock.  Even I can hear and feel the difference in my voice!

Although I am almost embarrassed to tell people that I’m “all better now" and that it only took 5 days, I feel I owe it to Climbing Out to shout it from the rooftops.

On the first day of the course, I cried when asked what I hoped to get out of the programme. I wanted complete immersion and time away from reality. I wanted to find “motivation” but could not imagine where or how.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the outward-bound activities, especially as this course was for the visually impaired.  However, compared to most participants, I had to keep reminding myself why I was there, because my difficulties paled into insignificance.

On Day 3, I told Kelda I would chain myself to the bed as there was no way I would be ready to leave in 2 days’ time.

On the final morning, I became pretty upset with one exercise that required us to set goals and I was faced with the fact I didn’t know what my motivation was.

Kelda very skilfully kept the whole group together but somehow managed to push me towards small manageable goals - stepping stones out of my impasse.

I returned home having signed up for a Level 2 challenge to Hadrian’s Wall. I wasn’t even that bothered about hiking! But it gave me 5 weeks to get fit, buy some boots, do some serious walking, and raise some funds. 

What has Kelda and Climbing Out done for me? Everything! Given me life again. I don’t look at what I can’t do but get on with what I can do. When I start to feel low, I focus on the things I must do and push myself through it. Kelda’s words about humans needing to be social resonates with me all the time and I make myself engage, even though I would prefer not to.

So, there’s no one thing I’m most proud of, or a master plan going forward at this stage. Just an active life with friends old and new, and hopefully continued involvement with Climbing Out so that others can benefit from this remarkable charity.

Once again, thank you!”