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Covid Update for 2021
30 Jan 2021
by Climbing Out

We have kicked off 2021 back in lockdown – not the start we were expecting! 

Last year we were only able to run one programme, but we used that extra time to develop some Covid friendly ways of supporting people. We now have a set of freely available podcasts and a series of online workshops, which can still be run under even the tightest level of restrictions. 

We have also developed our Walk and Talk days which are starting in February, which can run within the moderate levels of restriction. 

Finally, we have worked hard to adapt the way we run our 5 day programmes, so that we will be able to go ahead even when some restrictions are still in place. 

Covid restrictions are a constantly moving target in all our lives, but we are ready to open up each level of activity as soon as restrictions allow and will be keeping our website and social media pages up to date with details of which events and activities we are able to run as the year goes on. 

So stay tuned folks!