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Climbing Out’s very own Tough Guy
23 Feb 2017
by ClimbingOut

On the 29th January, on a particularly cold and wet morning, Climbing Out once again made an appearance at Tough Guy – The Original. Freezing water, fire, electric shocks, tight/dark spaces and a physically punishing course made up of countless obstacles forced its competitors to prove their mettle. Climbing Out past-participants have smashed the course each year since 2014, though 2017 was to be the final time as after an illustrious 30 years Tough Guy has now closed its doors.

This year’s attendance was in memory of James Averill, who himself took on the course in 2016. His strong-will and resolve last year was an absolute credit to Climbing Out and an example to us all. It was an honour to take on the course again in his name.

Special recognition must be given to Adam Woods who has been a member of the Tough Guy Team every year since 2014….he really is Climbing Out’s very own Tough Guy!!