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Carl’s Story
17 Sep 2021

We currently have a Level 2 team taking on the Welsh 3000’s!

Our level 2 team have all taken part in Climbing Out programmes previously. To continue their development and keep building on their mental resilience tools they are taking on a bigger challenge that requires determination, and carries more responsibility.

One of the members of the team is Carl who is a Police Officer.

This is his story…

“Despite everything that I had seen, experienced and trained for as a police officer, nothing prepared me for major surgery, life changing illness, collapse of a marriage and bereavement.

I lost everything that meant the most to me - my family, my physical health, my mental health, and my identity. I was grieving my old life, and could not accept my new life.

I entered a period of utter darkness and sadness that I could never have imagined was possible.

Like many people in crisis, I blamed others, I blamed the world, and I blamed myself. I turned to unhealthy and non-sustainable coping mechanisms. But I found support and reached out for help.

After a course of CBT sessions laid the foundations of recovery, I began to methodically rebuild myself, accept my physical restrictions, and improve my mental ill health. When the force Wellbeing lead informed me of a series of (COVID friendly) online Climbing Out sessions I jumped at the chance to take part. 

The sessions were not only useful, but they felt inspiring. Even though I had recently completed CBT, I still took so much away from the sessions that I continue to use.

Climbing Out has made a definite positive change. I have a long battle ahead of me yet but I am determined to overcome the adversity that has been dealt to me.

I continue to improve and now I have this exciting chance to get involved with further Climbing Out activities. I can’t wait!”