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An Amazing Angelsey Programme!
16 Jun 2023

Earlier this month we headed to Angelsey for a 5-day programme. The group was brilliant, and mixed with the sunshine, sea, sand and all the progress the participants made, it was a fab week!

Here are some photos from the trip, along with quotes showing how the participants felt after 5 days with Climbing Out...

“This week has given me hope for the future and opened my eyes... maybe the future isn’t too scary. 1 year ago I was petrified about what the future might hold and now I’m excited about the improvements I can make when I get home” Molly

abseiling abseil
  Smiles all round for abseiling!

“This course has reminded me that life is a journey, not a destination. It has given me new life skills that will not only affect me positively, but give me a richer and more satisfying relationship with my partner, whom I love dearly” Glenn 

cold water swimming

It was colder than it looks...

“I feel empowered and supported and genuinely able to start living my life to its full potential” Sarah 

Games Sea

Fun and games on the beach

“The path is long, I always forgot to shine the light on the first few steps. This week has helped me shine that light and take the first few steps” Amina 

Mental Resilience

Kelda teaching tools to boost mental resilience

“Climbing Out has been just the right level of kind and supportive kick up the backside I’ve needed for a long time. I do feel empowered and ready to make changes to my life for the better. I’ve begun a journey in changing that negative voice inside me and picking apart my mistakes, to having a laugh and imagining myself as a kid, full of life, fun and wonder – who saw the light and magic in everything – AND I’M BRINGING IT BACK! The magic was inside me all along, BUT the Climbing Out team have been the warlocks and sorcerers that coaxed it out for me to see” Nicki

Jump in the sea

Jump in with both feet!

“I had run out of fuel on my journey of life... Climbing Out gave me a jerry can and showed me the way to the gas station. Thanks for the gas and the directions!” Timmy 

 Amazing conditions for kayaking on the sea 

“This week has opened my world up and I’m excited to see where I can go next”  


Sun, sea and sand

“Who knew when I signed up for Climbing Out it would be a life changer for me... I have amazed myself at my strength, resilience and determination” Bex


Smile Kelda!


Well done to the group for your wonderful attitude. Keep up the momentum of what you've learnt!

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