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A Successful Expedition Training Weekend
17 May 2023

Later this year we’ll be running our first ever Climbing Out expedition programme with a wilderness canoeing expedition in Sweden, followed by an Alps expedition in 2024!

Earlier this month we took 21 previous Climbing Out participants away to Snowdonia for a training weekend full of challenge, learning, and the most amazing camaraderie and friendship.

Happy canoes Walking


The Alps crew spent a lot of time on the hills – taking a long way up Snowdon. Meanwhile, the Sweden group got soggy in the water! They learnt boat skills, practised rescues, had equipment training, did some paddling, and bonded as a team.


We finished off day one altogether with a meal in the pub, giving both groups the chance to strengthen their friendships and provide each other with support and motivation.

Then came day 2 with a 7am rise altogether. We wanted both teams to take on another physical challenge – this time with tired legs, to show them they can still get up and do it, even after a tough day the day before.

We walked along a very exposed ridgeline, and got rather wet – but it was all progression and we are so proud of the whole group!


Halfway up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is belonging – that innate need for friendship, interaction with others and wanting to feel part of something. And that’s one of the reasons for our expeditions – to give past participants something to be part of, to grow as a group together, and to be each other’s best supporters.

The group absolutely excelled in teamwork and camaraderie, and they’ve come away from the weekend energised and a firmer part of the Climbing Out family!

Group shot

Some of the newer members felt apprehensive beforehand, but after meeting everyone else, they realised how in line they are with one another, all with different stories but on a similar journey – which makes them feel more at ease.

Here are some of the comments from the group after the weekend…

“I've felt nothing but love and kindness shown since being involved with you all. I really feel there is no other programme out there that delivers what you guys do, so just thank you and it was an honour to meet fellow participants from the Climbing Out posse -  you are all shining stars.” Scott

Canoes on the lake

“I had an amazing weekend! In as strangers, and now friends.

I just saw a quote recently: ‘The 3 C’s in life: choice, chance, change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything to change.’

I am so glad I have made these choices and taking these chances! It’s definitely a journey, but can already see some change.”



“Thank you to everyone at Climbing Out for such an amazing weekend! We continue to grow and learn as we progress on our Climbing Out journey and the opportunities you are providing are having such a positive impact on so many people's lives.  As with my level 1 programme, it was wonderful to come away from this weekend having met new people, listened to their stories and seen how Climbing Out has helped them. The common bond we share has introduced us all to even more people we can now consider friends! I saw yesterday that 'Eryri' the Welsh word for Snowdonia is believed to have come from the Latin word 'oriri' meaning 'to rise'... how apt is that!”


Each and every person that took part is a shining example that trauma can be overcome, and with hard work and the right attitude, great things can be achieved.