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A new ambassador for Climbing Out
12 Aug 2021

Phoebe Hedley is one of our previous participants. She was really poorly during childhood and was eventually diagnosed with a genetic condition called F.A.P, putting her at risk of getting cancers anywhere from the neck down for the rest of her life, the main danger area being her large intestine – which she had to have removed.

She was wheelchair bound for a year whilst her weight remained at an all-time low. Unfortunately, after a long wait for a check-up, a lump was eventually found, and Phoebe then had to endure a year of gruelling chemotherapy.

Thankfully Phoebe beat the cancer, but it had a profound impact on her life. Once all the appointments stopped she knew she should be feeling elated, but really she felt full of hate towards the world, knowing her health was a constant risk. She was then diagnosed with PTSD and depression.

Climbing Out helped Phoebe find a new way forwards and gave her the confidence to take on new challenges. Having loved the Climbing Out programme, she has continued her personal development with a Level 2 and Level 3 trip.

We are delighted to share that she is now an ambassador for Climbing Out!

Not only that, but she is also an ambassador for the Teenage Cancer Trust and is set to take on a Masters in speech therapy to continue to help others.

It was great to read this article about her amazing work.

Well done Phoebe!