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Creating Momentum

Creating Momentum is our initiative inspired by Kelda’s solo row across the Atlantic. The chain of inspiration created by Kelda’s row was amazingly powerful and we want to keep building on that. Creating Momentum is a platform for people to share their inspiring stories to inspire and motivate others!

In 2021 Kelda challenged herself to take part in a series of triathlons despite not being able to run! Kelda documented her journey completing three triathlons through the Creating Momentum platforms to help inspire others.

She wants people to use Creating Momentum as a place to share stories and information that will help motivate others to take on and overcome life’s physical and mental challenges. It’s all about facing life’s hurdles, finding solutions and achieving something you didn’t think possible.   

"I always wanted to compete in triathlons, but I thought I couldn’t because of my leg injury. I can't run, I can't swim very well, and I can’t use a standard bike. But then I realised I wasn't practising what I preach – I wasn't finding a solution to my challenge and asking, 'how can I?'

"I wanted to find a way to adapt so I could compete in standard triathlons. I learnt how to swim in a new way, I tried a racing wheelchair for the running part of the race and ended up inventing a new shuffle run (!) and Bicycles by Design created a bespoke bike for me from Duratec. I am so grateful for all the support I received from Spokz, Bicycles by Design, UK Triathlon and Always Aim High events."

-Kelda Wood

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In the Press

Kelda’s journey has been featured in local and national press. Read her full story with this great article from My Shrewsbury magazine.

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My Shrewsbury Magazine
Creating Momentum

We would love to hear from you if you have overcome a mental or physical challenge to achieve something amazing. Please send us your stories so we can share them to inspire and motivate others! Get in touch with us here.


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