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The periods of lockdown we’ve faced through Covid-19 have taught us that there are other ways to reach people outside of our 5-day programmes, and that by making the tools we share more accessible, we can reach and support even more people.

As a result, we’ve put together a series of videos and podcasts that cover everything we deliver on the 5-day programmes. These resources are here for anyone to use, so please feel free to watch or listen, even if you’re not receiving any other form of support from Climbing Out.

"I have found the way you talk to be very relatable and engaging instead of some of the usual lecture types sessions I have been at where someone just stands and tells you ‘do this,’ or ‘you’ve been doing this wrong’ because they have read it in a book. I have described watching your talks recently as ‘infectiously positive’ and having attended many talks since 2015 I can honestly say I have taken more from what you have said so far than any of the rest."

Online Resources
Workshop Introduction


These 5 videos are all linked to the online workshops that Climbing Out runs. The first one explains the whole idea behind the videos and the following four are a summary of the mental resilience tools shared through the online workshops:

Real Life Motivation Podcasts

This is a series of Podcasts put together with Rachel Day from The Flying School.

In each podcast we have a discussion approach, looking at all the different areas we cover on our 5 days programmes. The aim of the podcasts we to keep them true to life - we know we don’t have all the answers, but we hope the conversations will help stimulate your thinking, raise your awareness and help you come up with a few answers for yourself.

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