This has really helped boost my confidence….all the activities have allowed me to re grow my confidence and self belief…..Now I know that I can go on to do and achieve bigger things than I dreamed of before

Sairana April 22, 2016

About the programmes:

Climbing Out runs 5 day outdoor activity programmes aimed at rebuilding confidence and self esteem in young people facing a life changing injury, illness or trauma. The programmes run Monday to Friday and offer a wide range of activities including climbing, gorge scrambling, kayaking, hill walking, abseiling and raft building. All the activities are bespoke to the needs and capabilities of individual participants, so it doesn’t matter how fit you are, or what physical limitations you may have, all the activities are adapted to suit the group, so everyone can take part and get involved.

Our instructors are specifically trained in personal development coaching as well as outdoor activities, and run fun and light-hearted sessions each morning. These sessions aim to give the young people tools for their tool box that can hopefully then be applied to life outside the programmes and to help them achieve their full potential

Social events are held each evening, including an inspirational talk, a quiz night and a BBQ. The social element of the programmes has proved to be incredibly popular, often providing the young people a great opportunity to socialise with others who have been through similar experiences. Lifelong friendships have developed from the Climbing Out programmes.

The Climbing Out programmes have proved time and time again to act as a spring board that enables young people to start living life to the full post injury, illness or trauma.

Social events are held each evening, including an inspirational talk, a Quiz night and a BBQ. The social element of the programmes have proved to be incredibly important, often providing the young people the first chance to socialise and make new friends since treatment. Life long friendships have developed as a result of taking part in a Climbing Out programme.

The Climbing Out programmes have proved time and time again to act as a spring board to enable young people to start living life to the full post injury, illness or trauma

Do you feel like you’re unable? Do you feel unworthy? Do you want great inspiration? Take a chance with ‪‎Climbing Out they will change your thoughts AND actions. There is no such word as cant. Anything is possible. I had an amazing time here. I met loads of inspiring people and I see a new direction for my future.

Michaela April 22, 2016

Who are the programmes for? The programmes are available to young people aged between 16-30yrs who are dealing with a life changing injury, illness or trauma. Climbing Out is a national charity and works with young people throughout the country.

Participants must be independently mobile, self-reliant and self-medicating

Where are the programmes held?

All the programmes are based at various YHA Hostels in the Lakes District, Peak District and North Wales. The accommodation is single sex rooms of 3-6 beds.

We have bed and breakfast with the hostel, food for packed lunches is supplied, and evening meals are provided by one of our “Climbing Out Mums”.

Any dietary requirements can be catered for with prior notice.

What costs are involved?

The programmes are fully funded by Climbing Out, all we ask is that participants can get themselves to the relevant hostel on the Monday and home again on the Friday. If participants are travelling by train, we can organise a pick up from the local station.

When I heard about Climbing Out and was offered a place on the programme I was really interested in having a go at the outdoor activities but what I got out of it was so much more, it changed my life. Climbing Out showed me that some of the toughest obstacles people can face are just that, obstacles to be overcome and left behind.

Adam April 22, 2016

Climbing Out has done a phenomenal job of opening everyone’s eyes to see beyond their disabilities and realise their potential

Jake April 22, 2016

How to come on a programme:

Organisations – If you are from an organisation and would be interested in sending a group of young people on a Climbing Out programme, please contact Kelda Wood on 07977 574785 to chat things through in more detail, or send her an email

Individuals – If you would be interested in attending a programme yourself, or you know of someone that you think would benefit from taking part in a programme, please contact Kelda on the above contact details for more information.

After the programme:

And it doesn’t stop there (if you don’t want it too!)…..the Climbing Out Club is available to any young person who has taken part in a 5 day programme and offers social events, fund raising activities, weekends away and training opportunities. Members of the club have developed fantatsic friendships and often meet up and socialise outside of the Climbing Out events. See the Climbing Out Club page on this website for more details about what the club gets up to.

Long term support, friendships and development between Climbing Out, The Climbing Out Club and individual participants is also available through Our Facebook page.

I’m quite speechless and humbled by the week I’ve just had with some very inspirational people that have also gone through a life changing hardship such as cancer, I’ve seen the impossible made possible and would never have thought we’d have done the things we’ve done as such a close knit and motivated team without the help from the Climbing Out program.

Jack April 22, 2016

Programme Dates 2018

Date Location Who the programme is for
Apr 2 – 6 Lake District Young People affected by the

Manchester Bombng

May 14 – 18 Lake District Cancer Programme
May 28 – Jun 1 Peak District Cancer Programme
Jul 2 – 6 North Wales Renal Programme
Jul 16 – 20 North Wales Renal Programme
Aug 6 – 10 Lake District Bereavement Programme
Aug 27 – 31 Lake District Cancer Programme
Sep 10 – 14 Peak District Amputee Programme