Climbing Out is having a huge impact on the lives of young people. The following video shows one participants story and how taking part in a Climbing Out programme changed his life

How the programmes are changing lives:

The programmes are changing the lives of young people and providing a spring board for young people to start living life again post injury, illness or trauma. After attending a programme participants have had the confidence to go to university, change careers, go travelling, enter into relationship….but most importantly, they’ve had the confidence to be the person they want to be.

Letters of Support


In 2015, Matthew Slavin, a research student from the University of Glasgow chose to write the thesis for his MSc in Psychology on the Psychosocial impact of an Adventure Programme on Young Survivors of Cancer, basing his research on the Climbing Out programmes.

Matthew conducted a number of interviews with participants who had taken part in one of our programmes over the last 3 years and examined the long term impact of attending a programme.

His findings provide us with formal evidence as to exactly why the programmes are having the incredibly impact that they are having.

“It would appear that involvement in Climbing Out helps not only to foster adjustment and recovery following  a major chronic illness but actually precipitates post traumatic growth.”

“Participants state a greater sense of personal strength, better relationships with others, renewed confidence and a greater appreciation of life that surpasses pre-trauma levels.”

“Interactions with peers who had been through similar experiences provided what appeared to be a safe place for reflection, the opportunity to push themselves in an environment of encouragement, to feel part of something greater than themselves, and to make connections with others that may grow in friendship.”

The Children of Courage Awards

Last year, 2 of the young people from Climbing Out were nominated for the West Midlands Children of Courage Awards. Chelsey Dixon and Molly Evans had both taken part in a Climbing Out programme and have gone on to do some incredible things, both in their own lives and for the charity. The 2 girls received fantastic support from many of the other Climbing Out participants who turned up to support them at the awards and it was very special to see the friendships that had developed between them all.

Both Molly and Chelsey were winners on the night, with Molly winning the “Fundraiser of the Year” category and Chelsey winning the main award of the evening, “The Steven Sutton Award”. This was a very special award for the young people as many of them new Stephen when he was in hospital and had great respect for him. Stephens’s mother was there on the evening and presented Chelsey with her award.

Winning these awards really showed just how far Chelsey and Molly have come since joining Climbing Out and we are incredibly proud of them both, and all the other young people who showed them such incredible support.

I’m Jordans mum, and I’m writing to pass on a huge thank-you for giving Jordan the opportunity to have so much fun with you on his recent trip. Jordan was the most talkative I have seen him for quite some time when we picked him up, he couldn’t stop telling us about his fun experiences, he was very inspired by the people he met and the activities he took part in.
It has been particularly frustrating for Jordan over the last few months, he has been recovering his strength and fitness and he has wanted to get back into the things he loves which is being active, outdoors and daft. The time he spent with you was just what he needed to prove to himself that he can still do the things he always wanted to.
Jordan has come back full of plans and ideas and as he can not follow his chosen career in the Royal Navy until he has completed his treatment fully in 2017 he is trying to make his time until then full of fun with great experience’s and adventure’s.

Thank you so much for inspiring him to still believe that he can live the life he had chosen before he was diagnosed and that his future can still be amazing

Jordans Mum April 22, 2016

Less than a year ago, I couldn’t walk because a soft tissue and bone cancer called Parasteal Osteosarcoma had taken away my ability to live without aid.
Yet a couple of days ago I climbed a mountain in the Lake District. Yes, it hurt, but I wasn’t prepared to let that stop me. Granted, on the way back down I had assistance the full way because my balance is still atrocious, but I DID IT!

Thank you Climbing Out, without your charity I wouldn’t have realised my capabilities and I certainly wouldn’t be beginning to be proud of myself.
You have undeniably and categorically changed my views on life and my attitude towards the world and helped me battle my disorders. Most of all though – the people I met and had the honour of being surrounded by, inspired me when my depression attacked me, motivated me when my mind told me I couldn’t, comforted me when my depression abused me, relied on me when they needed help, respected me, cared for me, and saved my life

Shannon April 22, 2016

Chelsey, Molly and Stephen's mum

The Climbing Out Club:

The Climbing Out Club is open any young person who has taken part in a 5 day programme and aims to offer long term support, friendship and development. The club organises 2 weekends a year, plus several social and fundraising events.

First and foremost, the club is about having fun, giving the young people the chance to come together and develop long lasting friendships. The club is now being run by the young people themselves under the support and guidance of Climbing Out, giving them the opportunity to continue to develop their confidence and personal skill sets. We are also supporting several our previous participants to become ambassadors of Climbing Out.

My son has just returned from spending a fantastic week with you. The difference in Joe from before he went away and him coming home is just incredible. It’s like I’ve got my ‘old Joe’ back. He genuinely has been given a huge confidence boost, has made new friends, and has been in contact with most of them since he returned home.

Prior to going on the Climbing out trip, Joe has been really isolated from his old friends, so much so, I was struggling to get him out of his bedroom. He has definitely been closed off from his ”friends” and was struggling a great deal. This week has been a fantastic opportunity for him to make new friends, and experience opportunities and adventures that he wouldn’t have tried. I did initially have to push Joe a little to put his name down for this trip, purely because had had lost so much confidence. Now he tells me he didn’t want to come back!…He has had a fantastic time and I really can’t thank you enough for allowing Joe to be part of this trip. Thank you so, so much.

Angela April 22, 2016