Climbing Out On Location

I am hugely grateful to everyone involved in making this week happen, I’ve got the energy again to continue to recover and to say No to cancer and YES to living

Adam April 22, 2016

What is it?

The Climbing Out Club is available to any young person who has attended a 5 day programme. It organises social activities, fund raising events, weekends away and training and development opportunities.

The club is run by the young people themselves, with previous participants forming the committee and taking the roles of chair person, secretary, treasurer etc. It is a great opportunity for the young people to take responsibility and ownership and to continue with their own personal development… making some life long friends and having some awesome fun in the process!

Climbing Out Christmas Get Together

Club News

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Being able to be part of this amazing adventure has been a privilege. It has provided me with an opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation. The action packed days have allowed me to understand that I am physically stronger than I thought. The “family” that we have created have allowed me to see that I am truly not on my own and I only need to start asking the right people for help instead of the wrong ones….thank you so, so much

Gina April 22, 2016

Do you feel like you’re unable? Do you feel unworthy? Do you want great inspiration? Take a chance with ‪‎Climbing Out they will change your thoughts AND actions. There is no such word as cant. Anything is possible. I had an amazing time here. I met loads of inspiring people and I see a new direction for my future.

Michaela May 12, 2016