The Climbing Out Development bursaries are being introduced in 2018.

Four bursaries of £500 will be available for young people who have completed a 5 day programme to apply for in order to support their growth and further development.

The bursaries available are:

The James Averill Development Bursary – This bursary can be used towards training, education and personal growth.

James wanted to be a professional athlete, joining Camberley Athletic Club, doing a sub 30 minute 10K and once training alongside Mo Farah! That didn’t work out so he became a lifeguard at the local leisure centre, twice saving lives before he joined the Royal Signals. It was while he was doing his stage 2 that he was diagnosed with cancer.

Did this stop him? No! It was a blow when he was medically discharged from the army, but he found himself a job and started training to become a personal trainer. Sadly this was never to happen.  James died on the 12th April 2016.

This bursary is so fitting for James, as although he didn’t excel at school, he believed that it was never to late to learn, to always have something to aim for and to go for what you want in life. Dreams can become reality”






The Matthew Lind Training and Qualification Bursary – Matthew Lind 1986-2017
The Matthew Lind Bursary is to support young people who wish to obtain training and qualifications that lead to transformation in their lives. It was set up in honour and memory of Matthew who was killed in a road accident in September 2017 whilst camping with friends in the UK countryside – having had the perfect day of outdoor adventure and good company.

Matt’s journey demonstrates the heart behind this bursary; born in Hong Kong in 1986 to British-Filipino parents, Matt was a natural sportsman and adventurer. He became an avid climber in his later years and was regularly found in climbing centres, where his flowing climbing style mimicked a gecko, an animal he loved to catch as a youngster. Matt was exceptionally kind and people-focused – often to be seen helping or encouraging a fellow
climber, smiling and bonding ever so naturally with anyone around him without discrimination.
In Matt’s own life he made a difficult decision to retrain in his early 20s; after discovering his initial university choice did not suit his passion and interests, Matt took a bold leap to
pursue a new course in management and accountancy. His new skills and boundless enthusiasm were applied to the benefit of others when he gained employment as a project manager at a company specialising in innovative website design for non-profit organisations.
This bursary seeks to empower and support young people who want to develop themselves, and who have a sense of drive and passion to fulfil their potential by gaining high quality training.
The bursary is provided by Matthew’s family – Bob (father), Beth (mother), Lauren (partner), Chrissy (sister), and J (brother-in-law), and friends

The Jordan McCole Adventure Bursary

Jordan was all about living life to the full and having adventures. Sadly he died in February 2017 aged just 22yrs. This bursary has been set up in his memory. His aim was always to inspire people to make the most out of every day of life….so here’s your chance!

The bursary aims to help fund an adventure, travel or experience that will bring learning, development and once in a life time memories.


The Climbing Out “Live Your Life” BursarySponsored by the Malcolm Whales Foundation – Climbing Out is all about making the most of life and living every second you can to the full. This bursary can be used to fund anything that demonstrates a young person is making the most of life, continuing their own personal development, and helping others

We see this as a fantastic new opportunity available through Climbing Out, and something that will enable young people to continue growing and developing through their involvement with the Climbing Out Club