The programmes this year seems to be having more impact than ever….and none more so on our second cancer programme that took place at the end of August in the Lake District. 16 young people took part, and their words and pictures below says all that needs to be said!

Climbing Out has opened doors that I thought were closed forever”  Tom

“Having cancer has made me loose my identity, but being here has helped me find it and remember who I am” Georgia

“I will always remember this week, and I do hope I can be this person again….a happy and worry free person” Matthew

Climbing Out has helped me realise that the sky is indeed the limit, and that my cancer will never control who I am” Phoebe

“I haven’t been wrapped up in cotton wool, I’ve just been treated like a normal person, and I am able. Thank you for making me feel less lost” Georgia

If it weren’t for Climbing Out I’d still be in the head space of ‘I Can’t’. You’ve helped me learn that I CAN!” Tom

This trip has helped me reopen and re heal wounds that had healed entirely wrong. As a result, I can feel my life changing” Phoebe

“This trip has changed my life and I know I am going home a more confident person.” Katie

This week I have been able to take away the mask and be accepted for who I really am” Crazy Polish Matt

“I will be eternally grateful to you for providing me with a safe space to find myself again” Phoebe

Cancer is lonely. It’s isolating. People don’t understand it. Even adults who’ve had cancer don’t fully get it. So meeting other young people who’ve been through shared experiences is so important. It makes you feel a little less alone. That support is invaluable” Tom