15 young people joined Climbing Out for the first programme of the year at the end of May….and what a week it was! So much was achieved and so many friendships made.

The impact of the week can be summed up in the words of Nic Wouters, one of the young people who took part in the programme. Nic is one of the most impressive young men I’ve ever met. Having been through 2 years of harsh Chemotherapy following the diagnosis of a brain tumour, his achievements last week were outstanding!

Climbing Out has genuinely changed my life from my treatment to moving onward. It has shown me that I’m still capable to do things I never thought I could. You’ve really helped to show me how life can be again

Another impressive young lady was Denisa Alia. Denisa was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 11 years old, and as a result was left with a partially paralysed right side. Denisa smashed everything throughout the week, and after conquering a 20ft jump into water she had this to say….

“This week has made me realise that just because I’ve had cancer, doesn’t mean I can’t do things” Denisa

And that’s it what it’s all about!