It speaks volumes when we see the young people who have taken part in the Climbing Out programmes going to so much effort to put something back in. Well done Callum, great words, great work!! Go smash it!!!!!……..

“Hello everyone!!! I’m planning to run the Sunderland Half Marathon in May this year for Climbing Out. My target isn’t huge I’m planning to raise £150, I don’t know that many people so its a start for me 🙂 I don’t even need to begin to describe how much Climbing Out helped me in the August 2016 week program in Eskdale, I was going through a rather depressing and dark period in my life and really reminded me that I wasn’t as crap as I thought I was and helped me get myself into gear again…….. therefore I’d like to give something back. My plan is to run the half marathon under 1 hour and 23 minutes…. so lets see what happens ey!?!? any donation means the world whether its 1p or £10.00 I’m not bothered!!! Thanks for reading this long boring message in advance